Persistent settings are currently only supported by our VS Code extension. The GitHub App will get a settings menu in a future release.

The VS Code extension of SemanticDiff currently supports the following options:

semanticdiff.defaultDiffViewer (default: false)

Enable this option if you want VS Code to automatically switch to the SemanticDiff view for supported languages.

semanticdiff.closeOriginalTab (default: false)

Enable this option if the standard diff tab of VS Code should be closed after switching to the SemanticDiff view. You can always switch back to the standard diff viewer by clicking the crossed out SemanticDiff icon.

semanticdiff.fallbackDiff (default: true)

This option configures whether SemanticDiff should use its fallback diff for unsupported languages (true) or if it should display an error message instead and keep the standard diff viewer open (false).

semanticdiff.diff.contextLines (default: 3)

Controls the amount of context lines that are shown above and below a change.

semanticdiff.diff.hideComments (default: false)

Controls whether changes in comments should be ignored by default. You can override this setting when viewing a diff.

semanticdiff.diff.compareMovedCode (default: false)

Enable this option to display moved code blocks in compare mode by default.