Reviewing Pull Requests

Review and commenting features are currently only supported by our GitHub App. To review pull requests, the GitHub App must be installed on the repository in question, and you must be authenticated using the Login via GitHub method on our website.

You can use our GitHub App to review pull requests. All your review actions (e.g. adding code comments, submitting a review) are synchronized live with GitHub. So you can start a review with SemanticDiff and later switch to the GitHub interface (or vice versa).

To get started, open a pull request in SemanticDiff and follow any of the steps below:

Add a comment

To add a new comment, do the following:

  1. Hover your mouse over the first line you want to associate with the comment
  2. Click on the gray marker next to the line numbers and drag your mouse to select additional lines
  3. Click the plus sign that appears when you release the mouse button
  4. Enter your comment text in the input field and click submit

Here is an animation showing these steps:

Adding review comment

All new comments are added as part of a review. If there is no active review, a new one will be created. This allows you to edit or delete comments before they become visible to other users.

Reply to a comment

To reply to an existing comment, click on the small reply text field:

Reply to comment

This will expand the input field into a multiline text editor with a submit and cancel button. When you submit a comment, it is added to your current review.

Edit a comment

To edit a comment, click the pencil icon in the comment header:

Edit comment

This replaces the comment with a multiline text editor with a submit and cancel button.

Delete a comment

To delete a comment, click the trash can icon in the comment header:

Delete comment

A deleted comment cannot be restored. Make sure you don’t need it anymore before proceeding.

Submit/Abandon review

To make your pending comments visible to other GitHub users, you need to submit them as a review. Just look for the Finish Review button that appears next to the pull request details when there are pending comments:

Finish review button

The number next to the text indicates how many comments are marked as pending. Click the button to open a popup that allows you to submit/cancel your review:

Finish review popup

To submit a review select the review mode and optionally enter a description that will be associated with your review. See the GitHub documentation for more information on these values. Then click Submit review.

If you want to delete your review comments instead, click Abandon review.

A canceled review cannot be restored. Make sure you don’t need the comments anymore before proceeding.