View a GitHub pull request/commit

SemanticDiff provides several ways to view GitHub pull requests (and commits). Choose the one that fits best to your workflow.

From a GitHub pull request

After installing the GitHub App, SemanticDiff will post a link on every newly opened pull request. When you view a pull request using the GitHub interface you should see a comment like this:

Pull Requests - SemanticDiff

The link will take your directly to corresponding pull request in the SemanticDiff interface. You may be asked to login if your repository is private.

Via your repository list

You want to review older pull requests? No problem! Go to and sign in. Now click on your profile picture and select Your Repositories from the pop-up menu:

Your Repositories

This will open a list of all the repositories that you can access and that have the SemanticDiff GitHub App installed:

Repository List

Click on a repository to open the list of pull requests:

Pull Requests - SemanticDiff

Click on any pull request to review it with SemanticDiff.

Using a GitHub URL

Another way of to use SemanticDiff is to paste the GitHub URL of a pull request or commit into our interface. This also allows you to use our diff with public repositories that don’t have our GitHub App installed yet.

  1. Go to

    GitHub App

  2. Copy the GitHub URL of a PR/commit into the input field 1

  3. Click Go

This will bring you directly to corresponding page in our interface.

You may be asked to log in if the repository is private. You also need to authenticate to use certain features such as posting review comments.

  1. The following link formats are supported:

      Opens a pull request

      Opens a specific commit of a pull request

      Opens a commit

      Opens the commit list for a branch or tag

      Opens the list of pull requests