Opening a diff with GitHub

SemanticDiff integrates with GitHub in several ways to help you view commits and pull requests efficiently.

View a single pull request / commit

To view an individual pull request or commit with SemanticDiff, open the corresponding page in GitHub and follow these steps:

  1. Go to

    GitHub App

  2. Copy the GitHub link into the input field

  3. Click Go

This will bring you directly to the diff for this pull request or commit.

The supported link formats are:


Browse pull requests / commits

If you want to view multiple pull requests or commits with SemanticDiff, there is a better way than following the steps in the previous section for each instance. SemanticDiff provides its own pull request/commit list so you can open a diff without switching back to the GitHub interface.

Simply go to and enter a URL in one of these two formats:


This will open one of the following two views:

List of pull requests

Pull Requests - SemanticDiff

List of commits

Commit Log - SemanticDiff

Install GitHub App

If you regularly use SemanticDiff with your own repositories, you might want to enable our GitHub App. It will post a comment with a link to the PR in SemanticDiff below each new pull request.

Installing our GitHub app is also a requirement for using SemanticDiff with private repositories and for creating review comments directly within our UI. However, you need to join our private beta to access these features.

To install our GitHub App, go to and click Install.